The Polo Village Apartments at Val de Vie Estate, elegantly designed by world renowned architect Stefan Antoni, consists of 60 luxury suites and is situated in the heart of the award-winning estate. Surrounded by three awe-inspiring mountain ranges, Val de Vie Estate falls within the Paarl-Franschhoek Valley, where historic farms and the natural splendour of the Cape Floral Kingdom beckon visitors from across the globe. Residents and visitors to the region alike regularly enjoy Franschhoek’s charming European ambiance and its cuisine, which has put the area on the map as the gastronomic capital of South Africa.

Val de Vie Estate’s proximity to Cape Town International Airport and to Cape Town, both less than 30 minutes away, makes it a convenient point from which some of South Africa’s finest offerings, including the Mother City’s sophisticated shopping, dazzling night life and exquisite beaches, can be explored. Other nearby amenities include the neighbouring Pearl Valley Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course.


Security is a top priority throughout the estate, and Val de Vie Estate is proud to have received the award for Safest House in Africa at the International Property Awards for its Polo House. Val de Vie Estate’s 15.5 km perimeter is protected by a 2-meter-high wrought-iron fence with underdig razor wire, concrete plinths and full electric fencing, all covered by 108 intelligent analytical Bosch thermal cameras. This fence serves as the base deterrent for criminal activities, making it extremely difficult for perpetrators to gain access. Breach attempts trigger alarms in the Val de Vie control room as well as at our off-site monitoring centre, which allows investigations via our CCTV network and its on-site patrol officers.

Val de Vie Estate has six main access points. These points provide entrance via 40 vehicle access and exit lanes and turnstiles for residents and contract workers. Strict access control measures are in place at these points and each point is monitored with an array of cameras.

One of the first estates in South Africa that implemented biometric-access control measures, Val de Vie Estate allows for tracking of entrance and exit, and movement of persons – a highly useful control measure. Residents are further safeguarded from unauthorised visitors via automated booms that control access to residential villages.

Two armed tactical teams, well equipped with dogs and handheld thermal devices, patrol the perimeter 24/7 and react to fence and camera alarms in conjunction with three unarmed response teams on the inside of the perimeter fence. License plate recognition technology is linked to the central Western Cape database and of great value in monitoring suspicious vehicle activity. Roller shutter and spike technology at all gates ensure a total lockdown of the estate in the event of an emergency.

Val de Vie upholds:
A deep understanding that safety and security is vital to every homeowner • Evolving security measures • Regular, unplanned security stress testing • Strict dangerous pet rules and enforcement • Thermal camera perimeter protection • Restricted access times and areas for contractors and other controlled visitors • Physical barriers – 2 meter high wrought-iron fence, concrete plinths, full electrified fence and anti-dig razor wire • Intelligent video analytics • Supporting electrical and IT network infrastructure • Fibre Optic Connection (FTTP) 25MB upload and download capacity • Internal PTZ camera protection • Off-site monitoring centre, video recording and analysis • Biometric homeowner access control • Personal Access Code (PAC) entry system for authorised tenants and resident’s visitors • Handheld fully integrated electronic scanning and decrypting of visitor vehicle license discs and driver’s licenses • Contractor criminal record checks • Three internal and on-site security reaction teams • Two tactical armed reaction units operating outside the borders of the estate • Dedicated security emergency number • Medical emergency service • Community safety involvement and intelligence • Speed limit (40km/h) calming measures including electronic speed boards and road design

Security is a top priority throughout the estate, and Val de Vie is proud to have received the award for Safest House in Africa at the International Property Awards for its Polo House.

Louis de Jager, who retired as Full Colonel as Provincial Head Western Province Crime Intelligence, has been appointed as Val de Vie Estate’s full time Risk Manager. Louis has spent 29 years working as a detective for the South African Police Service and 23 years in the private sector. During this time, he held various positions which included Canal Walk Shopping Centre Head Security, Woolworths Head Office Campus Head Security, Head Security for Cape Town Stadium during and after 2010 FIFA World Cup, as well as 4 years in Nigeria as Heineken Country Security Manager.